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Identify the wild Plants of Western North America

To appreciate the plants of western North America, one must become intimate with the landscapes in which they live. Let Mountain Nature Network be your source for the plants of western North America.

Learn to Identify Plants. The Rockies have a fabulous diversity of plant life. Let Mountain Nature Network help you learn the skills to become an expert and identifying these plants. 

Identify a Plant. Mountain Nature Network offers more ways to identify the plants of the Rockies than any other web site. No book can compare with the simplicity you will find here.

Search for recent sightings. Our sightings database allows you to search for sightings of any of our growing list of plants. This can help you reduce the challenge of finding an new species for your life list. 

Record your sightings. Any sighting worth having is also worth recording. Use our interactive sightings database to record your sightings, view your life list and contribute to the work of researchers studying the plants of the Rocky Mountains.

Mountain Nature Network is growing through your input

In time, we will be adding sections to this site highlighting key wildflower locations and blooming schedules. Feel free to pass on details of your local events for publication on

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