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Now you can experience the stories behind the scenery.

Watch quietly as a distant grizzly feeds on berries. Study a golden eagle soaring high above the mountain summits. Marvel at the bugling call of a bull elk or the mournful howl of the coyote. Feel your heart pound as you relive the stories of pioneers and explorers.

Experiences like these will bring
you to the mountains and...
...our expert guides are here to deliver!

For more than two decades, Ward Cameron Enterprises has been showing visitors the riches of western Canada. Here are just a few of the activities we can assist you on:

  • guided hiking, nature walks, snowshoe trips, and cross-country skiing
  • step-on and motorcoach guides
  • vehicle based guides
  • photography guides

Benefit from years of field experience. Our guides are in the field every day. They know where the animals have been spotted and where you are most likely to see one. Increase your chance of spotting unusual animals, birds and wildflowers by teaming up with an expert.

Featured Activity
Take a Snowshoe Adventure

Winter in the Rockies is all about the snow! Strap on a pair of traditional snowshoes and experience the freedom of the hills. You'll visit places you can't go on skis. You'll see the tracks of animals you don't see in the summer - animals like the pine marten, weasel, snowshoe hare and maybe even lynx, wolverine or mountain lion.



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